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Bracelets, keychains, bow ties and cufflinks for those who demand the best from themselves and others.

Eye-catching design

Just like sailor needs patience to catch the right wind, our design team has also spent a great deal of time creating those eye-catching looks for each of our products without sacrificing their universality. Therefore whether at the party or at the office, unique Wind Passion accessories will get you noticed and appreciated.

Handmade to perfection

They say that planning is half the work. And we believe they know what they’re saying. With a strong foundation resting on our design, we are able to manufacture top-notch handmade bracelets, keychains, cufflinks, and other products. You’re not mass-produced. So why your accessories should be?

European brand

There are times when you need to go against the wind to reach your goal. Our products are designed and manufactured in Europe, using only the top-quality materials. This means that your chosen bracelet or any other accessory will be both good looking and durable, ready to weather any storm together with you.

Accessories for everyone

If you’re still wondering if our items would fit you – wonder no more! WindPassion unisex bracelets and other nautical accessories cover it all with a broad color and size range, ready to match your unique style, even if you’re not really into surfing, sailing or any other water-related activity.

Inspired by the sea

While we offer a many products, all of them are defined by the durable cord and other marine materials used in manufacturing. Sturdy and strong, they are built to last, just like all true things in our life. So like the sailors say, if it’s seaworthy, it’s worthy of your attention because it’ll help you get where you need – anywhere the wind blows.

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