5 tips on choosing and wearing the best bracelet

Many might not know that nautical bracelets have a long history which spans centuries. Started as a way for sailors to spend time in long journeys, braiding these accessories turned into a chance to show their skill. And the best way to do that was of course to wear it. These cord bracelets were also given as gifts to friends and relatives after returning from the sea.

Nowadays string bracelets are worn more as a fashion or style accessory and still being chosen as a present. Therefore it is important to learn a bit before you buy it for yourself or your loved one. Here are 5 great tips that will surely help you to choose the best Wind Passion bracelet and wear it like a pro.

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1. The setting for your bracelet is irrelevant. Well, almost.

First thing is the setting. Probably the best part about a nautical bracelet is that it looks great both in casual and formal outfit. For some it may look laid-back or even a bit alternative but not too much to be frowned upon even in a business meeting unless it’s one of those old-fashioned ones where cracking a joke is a crime and which are (luckily) dying out anyway. You have probably seen for yourself that in startups or IT/design companies it’s no more than a personal touch that even a CEO would sport.

2. There is a limit for the number of rope bracelets per person.

Second thing is the number marine bracelets you want to wear. While five may be a bit too much for a more conservative occasion while three is a good number, even if the rope bracelets are the same. Some argue that wearing multiple accessories from the same set is a sign of a bad taste. But the fact is that it all comes down to size which proves to matter this time. If they are small enough (and our cord bracelets are), you will look good no matter what those old-school fashion connoisseurs say.

3. Rope bracelet and watch can look topnotch.

Third – don’t forget to coordinate it with your watch, if you have one. The best way to do that is to choose a rope bracelet that matches the strap, the second hand or the dial itself. If you fancy wearing different watches or other accessories, it would probably be for the best to choose from rope bracelets.

4. Braided bracelet can easily become a unique gift.

And as we started talking about shades, it’s a great way to choose a unique gift for your friend or a family member by picking an option that has the colors of their favorite sports team or hers/his country’s flag. For example, “White pearl” braided rope bracelet is a perfect match for a person from Peñuelas, Puerto Rico since these colors are the same as the flag of aforementioned municipality.

5. Match rope bracelet with a robe to fit into all dress codes

And as we continue talking about shades, your rope bracelet, no matter the color, and also you will look best when clothes are black, white or neutral. But if you like colorful outfits, you probably already know that it takes some matching to pull it off. But the general rule of thumb is that as long as you’re using up to three different colors, you should be fine.

So know that you know the basics, it’s time to check out our selection of accessories for men and women before we run out of stock!

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