Black rope bracelets for men

Sea Loving Unisex BraceletNautical men’s rope bracelets are a special accessory, with a history that spans centuries. Sailors started to make them while at the sea from the rope ends. A thing that first was just a way to pass time on the long journeys soon became the means of demonstrating one’s skill.

Rope bracelets became more elaborate, with sailing knots that can be used to adjust the size of the bracelets. Such accessories were a great gift for loved ones waiting for the sailors to come home. Also, it was a way for the sailor himself to show his skills to others while wearing his handcrafted rope bracelet.

Handmade rope bracelets

Black Bracelet In RainThe history of bracelets as accessories that we know them today, goes back to as far as the Egyptian civilization, to at least the year of 5000 BCE.

Even back then, people appreciated and valued the symbolic importance of a hand bracelet.

In many cases, Egyptians saw hand bracelets as important religious and spiritual artifacts that can bring prosperity to their bearers.

One the first rope bracelets ever that was worn by both men and women was called the Scarab.

The scarab represented the very important spiritual values of rebirth and regeneration and was a common accessory among the royalty of that time.

Though the popularity of bracelets decreased for quite some time later on, the 17th century saw their rebirth, especially in Europe. This time, not only among the rich class, but the common folk as well.  Many years later and hand bracelets serve different purposes and are still as relevant and as appreciated as they were throughout different times.

Here at Wind Passion, we try to follow these longtime European traditions and offer you the top quality handmade men’s rope bracelets you can wear with pride or choose as a perfect gift for someone you truly care about. What is more, you won’t have to worry about the best packaging as we sell our products beautifully wrapped in a hardcover box they will be hesitant to throw away.

Even in our days, sailors still like these accessories, but other active people – cyclists, surfers, hikers also find them attractive. One of the reasons is that rope bracelets are both sturdy and comfortable enough to be worn 24/7. We are almost sure that when you put it on, you will never take it off.

People tend to fall in love with our rope bracelets even if they never wore any type of bracelet before. And if they already are bracelet-junkies and have more than one, Wind Passion rope bracelets will look nice together with them.

Sturdy and strong rope bracelets

You don’t have to be a fashion guru or have extraordinary taste to appreciate the eye-catching design and sturdiness of Wind Passion rope bracelets. 

We pride ourselves in being able to offer highly durable and versatile products to people, made out of top-quality rope and other strong materials all built to last and serve for as long as possible. 

This means that these bracelets are suitable even for those who are extremely active and are engaged in strenuous activities on a regular basis. This cannot be said for most accessories out there.

Our men’s rope bracelets are designed with vivid colors that last even after dozens of washes. 

You will notice the quality aspect of our bracelet right after you open the box and others will notice it right after it ends up on your wrist.

Rope bracelets looks great with any outfit

Men Cool BraceletSome people think that men’s rope bracelets look good only if you fancy sportswear or other more casual clothes.

We assure you that Wind Passion accessories look great even in a business setting, with or without a watch.

We can ensure this as we offer a number of different color options for our customers. In fact, there are 14 of them available.

No matter whether you go with the simple black, white or red options, or more eccentric – teal green, burgundy, etc. you will surely find something that you appreciate and like.

Of course, people change their mind and we’re perfectly fine with that. Therefore we have a clear return policy so you know your options before making the purchase.

These accessories are not only about the sturdiness and great looks. People who spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the wild, know that this small thing can save their lives.

In a dire situation, a rope bracelet can be unraveled and used to make a fire, a tourniquet, a fishing line or other survival-related objects.

Matching couples rope bracelets

High quality waterproof rope bracelet from Wind Passion is a perfect choice for both men and women, looking for a stylish and durable accessory that will surely keep its looks and sturdiness even after many years of wearing. This rope bracelet, like all of our products, is made in Europe with the strictest quality control.

We offer discount promotions and free shipping option. With one size that fits all, the only thing you need to choose is the color. So check out our selection and grab one for yourself and one for your friend!

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